we enable patients to really understand their medicines &

use them without mistakes


we facilitate blended pharmaceutical care: 

digital care if possible, human care if needed

our core values


  • we develop patient-caring and personal digital pharmaceutical care solutions
  • we go for healthy, in our digital solutions as well as in our company and our team
  • we are known as trusted partners, who incorporate integrity, transparancy and ethics as crucial value in every interaction

more information


reliable, validated drug information like movies, patient leaflets, animations and website information are presented in understandable, structured and dosed in an attractive digital environment.


more understandable information can improve the experience of and adherence to your medicine. this can result in a higher chance of an optimal treatment outcome.

pharmi starts in 2019 to build scientific evidence on the percentage of improvement by pharmi.



more knowledge on your medicine can lead to less medication-related errors and lower costs 

due to

for example less avoidable hospital admissions or deterioration of disease

pharmi supports the NL Green Deal 2.0 and thus, circulair pharmaceutical care

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The Netherlands


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mail us: contact@pharmi.info