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MedsWise consists of digital pharmaceutical care modules that provide the user of a medicine - dosed - with understandable, validated information about the medicine.

The user is also interactively guided with the possibility to digitally contact and interact with the pharmacy team.

By means of interactive, digital communication, a virtual assistant, chat function and care pathways, the platform gives the patient control and insight into what to do with regards to adequate drug use.

Thus, MedsWise efficiently supports the highest possible quality of life in home situations.

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standard digital care
fits your pharmacy
connected digital care
virtual pharmacist
full visual care
maximal care
intensive care
enhanced outcomes
2 weeks interactive digital patient care
standard data dashboard for pharmacist
patient info library
outpatient pharmacy BASE
virtual pharmacist
personalised data dashboard
smart medication scheme alarms
chat box for interactive care
additional languages
care optimalization patient path
medication optimization schedules (f.e. tapering)
patient reported outcome surveys
customized care pathway for you
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Every medicine use digitally supported

The BASE module offers standard digital medication care for all prescription medicines.

Your patient receives structured and dosed information about the medicine, the disease and the adequate use during a number of days.... in the form of short text, film, animations and images. 

Pathway is augmented by a structure of asking on quality of life, experience and the option to chat and interact with the pharmacist.

Ideally supplemented with a virtual pharmacist and financially stimulated by healthcare insurers.

BASE with virtual pharmacist
Visual service

With a virtual pharmacist, your patient does not have to navigate in an application.

24 hours a day - via spoken word - you can enter into a dialogue with this virtual pharmaceutical buddy.

Pharmi, the virtual pharmacist is in development, is in research at the Maartenskliniek and will become a little smarter in the years to come.

For rational use of medicines

MedicijnWijs CARE modules offer intensive digital care to promote rational use of medicines.

A suite of care pathways is available to start immediately within the following domains:

  • Demedicalisation (e.g. oxycodone tapering)
  • Patient Insights (e.g. MARS, BMQ, EQ-5)
  • Adherence improvement (e.g. motivational coaching)
  • Specialist care paths (e.g. hybrid care for complex home medication)

Pharmi can also tailor CARE pathways for pharmacy chains, care groups, manufacturers or home care organizations.

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