Within three steps access to MedicijnWijs for the patient

  1. The pharmacy team introduces MedicijnWijs to the patient.
  2. The pharmacy team registers the patient.
  3. The patient is given access with a personal code.

Pharmi is continuously working to further integrate and connect MedicijnWijs within existing patient applications and / or pharmacy systems.

MedicijnWijs for the pharmaceutical care provider

MedicijnWijs is purchased as a license.

We offer a BASE Module with basic 2-week guidance after first prescription.

We also offer a growing number of CARE modules, to support optimalisation of care, like improving therapeutic adherence, optimization of therapy or demedicalisation.


When you choose MedicijnWijs BASE or CARE as your digital pharmaceutical care platform:

  • You have unlimited access to all drug coaching pathways, content continously updated
  • We set up the application with you
  • We train your pharmacy team to use MedicijnWijs
  • We provide introduction materials for team and patient
  • You get access to the MedicijnWijs Care-dashboard
  • We support your team after implementation
  • We take care of optimal private and secure data protection
  • We support with project management, to digitize parts of your patient journey successfully