Pharmi dashboard

Supports quality

MedicijnWijs guides your patient digitally, asks questions and keeps you as a care provider in close touch with your patient, even when not seeing the patient.
Additionaly, the CareDashboard provides remote data monitoring.

With more information on your patients' wellbeing, you can offer the best care required and optimize treatment outcomes.

The blended care approach also empowers patients to have better control over their medication management and leads to less intake mistakes.

Realizes efficiency

With MedicijnWijs, more patients can find answers to their questions in an easy digital way.
Definitely, once MedicijnWijs is connected to your own pharmacy application, thus, you don't need to give additional instruction for digital care.

Thus, you as a pharmacist will have more time for complex care provision, where human interaction is crucial.

This makes the pharmaceutical care proces more efficient with higher efficacy.

Generates value

Optimization of information provision and self-control by the patient can lead to fewer problems with medication use.

This has a positive effect on costs and efficiency in healthcare as treatment outcomes improve and avoidable costs are reduced.

Also, by digitalizing care, transparancy in outcomes from pharmaceutical care is increased and thus, easier to be reimbursed by healthcare payers.

Pharmi conducts both clinical as well as economic research to show outcome and efficiency improvement.

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