Pharmi patient

At Pharmi it matters: to support every patient optimally

We offer digital pharmaceutical support with our mobile applications at the moment that suits you as a patient best.

Active guidance during your first prescription with useful tips and facts to use your medicines properly.

And long-term digitial support, when you need to use your medicine chronically.

With information about your illness, lifestyle and a medicine alarm, to remind you when it is time for your meds.

If you have any questions for your pharmacist, simply ask via the chat function in the MedicijnWijs app.

Thus, you always have your pharmacist at hand.

MedicineWise is developed for and by patients

We develop the content of our digital care together with medication users.

We aim to be availble for all literacy levels.

MedicijnWijs is delivered in language level B1, which makes the guidance really easy to follow for 95% of the population.

We asked the Pharos Institute to test us.

Pharos is the institute that is committed to equal knowledge about health and quality of care for everyone in the Netherlands.

Pharos assessed MedicijnWijs as positive.

In addition, Pharmi applies the principles of "Inclusive Design and Accessibility" in the development of our products.

This means that we make access to digital medicine support as easy as possible for every type of user, for example through high contrast, through spoken texts and through accessibility for everyone with the digital human.


“Daily dosed information”


Did the website fuel your enthusiasm and would you like to start using MedicineWise?

Just ask your pharmacy what the possibilities are.

Pharmi always offer our services in collaboration with your pharmacy.


Are you a medication user and would you like to think along with us about how we can make our platform even better?

Please leave a message here and we will contact you soon.