Pharmi news
9 December 2021

MedicijnWijs is live

LIVE: our digital healthcare platform MedicijnWijs. Basic digital care after every first drug issuance. Watch the promo film here. And intensive digital care, if the medicine or disease requires a lot of explanation and guidance.…

7 December 2021

Staff shortages in healthcare

The pharmacy of the future will also have to deal with it. A future in which the demand for care will only increase further. How do we guarantee that every patient continues to understand how a medicine should be used optimally? By…

1 December 2021

Quit smoking

Quit smoking succesfully: powered by Pharmi. Today MedicijnWijs, the new platform of Pharmi, goes live. More news about that in the following weeks. The kick-off will be given today with the "Quit Smoking Succesfully" program of…

25 November 2021

Pharmi gets wiser

The DigiMens offers valuable support options in healthcare, as was recently shown in "VPRO Tegenlicht". Our DigiMens Pharmi empathetically answers frequently asked questions from patients about their medications. Questions for which…

10 November 2021

The national day of the caregiver

Today is the day of the carer. A unique role, which you often do not consciously choose. Unburdening carers, that is a wise idea. And that is why we are also working with team Pharmi on those functions in our applications.…

8 November 2021

ESPACOMP is researching digital guidance

Digital communication to guide medication use is positively received by pharmacists and patients. Researchers from Nivel and the University of Groningen have asked in a survey among pharmacists and patients how they view digital guidance…

7 November 2021

The 'digital human'

Tonight Pharmi's sister can be seen on VPRO Tegenlicht. About what wisdom we can expect from our digital fellow human beings….

3 November 2021

NVZA: Technology and innovation

No Man Comes to the Doctor.....or rather: “Everything used to be better”. About innovation and acceptance of eHealth. When: November 4 Location: DeFabrique, Utrecht Awesome that Pharmi can also contribute!

26 October 2021

Asking for help?

At Pharmi we often get the question: what kind of questions do users actually ask in your platform? The picture below shows a percentage distribution of types of questions from Pharmi's “development months”. In-app questions are a…

19 October 2021

Wise with your medicine

Our dictionary defines the word WISE: "sensible, learned by experience" Let that be exactly our Pharmi team ambition: Making all patients WISE with their medicine. Playfully digitally supported....that is to be understood.…

12 October 2021

A regular day at the office..

Our Content Quality Crew can finally have a live dialogue: Junior Reviewer meets Senior Reviewer: How the young fresh look at future care creates synergy with more than 100 years of pharmacy experience. They have already reviewed…

5 October 2021

Improvement patient self-regulation

"Timely information enables patients and caregivers to get the most out of the few contact moments they have together". A statement from the thesis of Thomas Timmers, founder of the Patient Journey App, the platform on which Pharmi did…