Pharmi news
12 October 2021

A regular day at the office..

Our Content Quality Crew can finally have a live dialogue: Junior Reviewer meets Senior Reviewer: How the young fresh look at future care creates synergy with more than 100 years of pharmacy experience. They have already reviewed…

5 October 2021

Improvement patient self-regulation

"Timely information enables patients and caregivers to get the most out of the few contact moments they have together". A statement from the thesis of Thomas Timmers, founder of the Patient Journey App, the platform on which Pharmi did…

28 September 2021

Pharmicy Assistant Day in the Netherlands

Today is Pharmacy Assistant Day. The person with whom the patient often has first contact about a (new) medicine. For example, during the First Release meeting about the desired effect of the medicine, the correct way of taking it and…

24 September 2021

World pharmacists day

Let’s honor today the essential contributions of pharmacists globally. Providing the best patient care: digitally if possible, human once required.

22 September 2021

Team Pharmi!

Team Pharmi :) Ready to launch our new platform soon. Keep track on us..

6 September 2021

Welcome Sabeth!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sabeth Diks to our Pharmi team. Sabeth is a final year Master Industrial Design student at the Eindhoven University of Technology and is involved in designing innovative technical solutions with…

31 August 2021

ISO 27001 / NEN 7510 certification

The Pharmi team is working hard to obtain the ISO 27001 / NEN 7510 certification soon. But why do we actually do that? Linked to the growth of our activities, it follows the desire of customers to transparently comply with applicable…

19 August 2021

A smart ass invention

The High Tech Campus has been in the hands of a new party since yesterday, which will create even more value on the smartest square meter in Europe! Fantastic that our Pharmi team can be part of this with such a smart ass invention.

18 August 2021

Welcome Rob!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Rob Verhoeven to our Pharmi team as Business Development and Commercial Lead as of the beginning of October. Rob has an educational commercial background and started his career in the commercial…

16 August 2021

Welcome Rik!

We are pleased to welcome as of September 1, Rik van den Brule in our team as Chief Technology Officer. Rik has an educational background in artificial intelligence and software development and has been working in health tech for many…

27 July 2021

The value of understanding the customer journey

The value of optimally understanding the customer journey. As a "Pharmaceutical-Care-as-a-Service" platform, Pharmi performs a lot of research into the optimal customer journey. The customer journey is a journey that pharmacist and…

12 July 2021

Privacy of patient data

Privacy of patient data is the highest good. Unfortunately, standard solutions sometimes go wrong. With our Pharmi platform, data privacy is our core focus. Many thanks to Deloitte Digital health compliance and NAALA | Not An…