Hybrid care when phasing out oxycodone

A patient perspective on hybrid oxycodone guidance with MedicijnWijs.

After the first dispensing of oxycodone, MedicijnWijs helps patients to explain the pros and cons of this pain relief digitally, interactively and in an understandable manner.

The VAL pharmacies in Limburg are going one step further: they have recently started helping patients to reduce their use of oxycodone in a hybrid manner.

More information about this initiative soon, but on #worldpharmacistsday2023 here is a sneak peek into how patients experience this guidance:

"I always thought the pharmacy was just where you picked up your prescription, but this program showed me the human side of the pharmacy. She really pulled me through on difficult days, texting me to ask how things were going and gave advice on side effects and hydration. It was not only professional, but also personal, and that made a world of difference."

“The program, the app and the support from my pharmacist made it bearable.”

“It has improved my life significantly, both mentally and physically.”

"So when you're in that app and you see that message from your pharmacist, you automatically look further."

Want to know more about how you can start hybrid patient guidance with MedicijnWijs in the pharmacy? Send us a message!