Alcura and Amgen NL are facilitating Pharmi

Great news: Alcura and Amgen Netherlands are facilitating Pharmi in the further development of groundbreaking digital medication guidance at home with MedicijnWijs.

What to expect from this collaboration:

Hybrid Guidance: We use the power of the MedicijnWijs platform to provide patients with virtual support and guidance with their medication, supplemented with personal interaction by Alcura's dedicated professionals.

Comfort of Home Care: Patients experience the benefits of professional hybrid care without having to leave the house. This provides convenience, safety and peace of mind for both patients and their families.

Innovation in Healthcare: Together with Alcura and Amgen Netherlands, we embrace innovation as a driving force behind better health outcomes. We are determined to push the boundaries of what is possible to reduce the pressure on healthcare.

This is an exciting step and we are confident that this collaboration will shape the future of hybrid medication guidance.

Teams from Alcura and Amgen Netherlands: thank you for the pleasant cooperation so far.

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Photo: Midjourney