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12 January 2022

Eye drop guidance by MedicijnWijs

MedicijnWijs, Pharmi's new platform, supports patients after eye surgery such as cataract surgery or a conversion lens change. For example, there is extensive information in text and images about the use and effect of the medicines and…

9 January 2022

Opioids use

Ninth of January is the day to promote adequate drug use in NL. Excellent initiative from Instituut Verantwoord Medicijngebruik. In year 2022, the focus is on using opioids adequately. At Pharmi we develop innovative blended care…

4 January 2022

Pharmi's new year wishes

Team Pharmi wishes you a happy and healthy 2022.

23 December 2021

Pharmi wishes you happy holidays

Pharmi wishes its users and cooperation partners a healthy and beautiful 2022.

20 December 2021

ISO 27001

Tjakka! ISO 27001 certified! This means that information is well secured at Pharmi. Special thanks to Jeroen Londeman.

14 December 2021

Research shows that...

Pharmacists and patients see the benefits of digital communication via a mobile app. This is apparent from an initial exploration by Nivel and the University of Groningen. The pharmacist can use this app (such as MedicijnWijs) to monitor…

10 December 2021

A happy customer

Customer satisfaction. That is what we stand for as a team Pharmi. It's nice to get a message like this. The pleasure is completely mutual. We are excited for 2022!

9 December 2021

MedicijnWijs is live

LIVE: our digital healthcare platform MedicijnWijs. Basic digital care after every first drug issuance. Watch the promo film here. And intensive digital care, if the medicine or disease requires a lot of explanation and guidance.…

7 December 2021

Staff shortages in healthcare

The pharmacy of the future will also have to deal with it. A future in which the demand for care will only increase further. How do we guarantee that every patient continues to understand how a medicine should be used optimally? By…

1 December 2021

Quit smoking

Quit smoking succesfully: powered by Pharmi. Today MedicijnWijs, the new platform of Pharmi, goes live. More news about that in the following weeks. The kick-off will be given today with the "Quit Smoking Succesfully" program of…

25 November 2021

Pharmi gets wiser

The DigiMens offers valuable support options in healthcare, as was recently shown in "VPRO Tegenlicht". Our DigiMens Pharmi empathetically answers frequently asked questions from patients about their medications. Questions for which…

10 November 2021

The national day of the caregiver

Today is the day of the carer. A unique role, which you often do not consciously choose. Unburdening carers, that is a wise idea. And that is why we are also working with team Pharmi on those functions in our applications.…

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