Pharmi kantoor

We facilitate more time for human care


Imagine: on average, there are millions of medication errors every year in a European country (WHO, 2022). Medication errors cost our society billions of euros every year. Watch here a video that the WHO made about preventing medication errors.

The core of this problem? Overwhelming workload and diminishing staff to explain good use.
This underscores the need to embrace hybrid care in pharmacies. Always digital care where possible, leaving more time for human care where necessary.

It's time for a sustainable solution. And that is why team Pharmi gets to work full of energy every day.


The dream

Our dream is to be the global leading digital pharmacist platform, that allows - pharmaceutical - care providers to offer the most efficient hybrid care to every medication user.

Patients love us, as we facilitate self-engagement for optimal drug use.

Health Care Systems need us, because we make - pharmaceutical - care more cost-effective.


We make - pharmaceutical - care more accessible, most effective and data driven.

Our vision

Always optimal - pharmaceutical - care provision for everyone.
Altijd optimale - farmaceutische - zorg voor iedereen.

Happy customer

Core values

In a rapidly changing world, Pharmi is a company that develops innovative digital pharmaceutical care.

In that world, not all norms and standards have yet been established as a framework for innovation, development and implementation.

Pharmi uses values as decision support when regulations or guidelines have not (yet) been developed.

Thus, our core values are the beacons in a healthcare system in transition.

Our core values are:

Healthy, patient-oriented and reliable