Each of our team members is motivated to make care more accessible to every patient.

We discovered commonality in our drive and became a team in 2019.

We come from several generations, from different backgrounds and with diverse work experience. And we work with students from very different universities and schools.

That synergy ...together with that one goal: that makes us a top team!

Claudia Rijcken.jpg

Claudia Rijcken

CEO / Founder

Ivonne Galesloot.jpeg

Ivonne Galesloot

Financial affairs

Ossi (1).jpeg

Ossie Kronlöf

Senior Software Developer

Kelly Jo.jpeg

Kelly-Jo Dalusong

Product development


Jeroen Londeman

Chief Product Officer


Roos van der Bent

Business Development & Commercial Lead


Ibrahim Can Gençel

Software Developer


Frederiek Cremer-Kuster

Customer lead

Gillis Heevel.png

Gillis Heevel

Chief Technology Officer

Dagmar Pronk.jpg

Dagmar Pronk

People affairs


George Doxastakis

Software Developer

Badergan Saeed.jpg

Badergan Saeed

Product development

Miranda Delhaas.jpg

Miranda Delhaas

Office affairs


Eric Roos

Patient affairs

Floris Horsman.jpeg

Floris Horsman

Patient digital affairs


Joost Holthuis

Advisory Board Member


Joris Moolenaar

Advisory Board Member


Deep Tech expert

Advisory Board Member TBD

Pharmi Team

I have two big hobbies: innovation and care. Now let those two come together in Pharmi. I feel proud every day when we as a team build better information for each patient.



As a pharmacist, I have noticed that due to a high workload and a lot of staff loss in the pharmacy, there is often a lack of time to provide optimal care. This can lead to medication errors, which in turn can lead to hospital admissions. Digital innovations offer a solution. By working at Pharmi I can innovate, think out of the box and create new digital applications to make healthcare better and more efficient. I hope to be able to contribute to a future in which everyone can enjoy optimal care.



Thanks to the work I do for Pharmi, I can contribute to better access to healthcare. To make the information as clearly as possible, personalized and always the right information for when it suits the patient. The low-literate patient is also included in this, by using the right language, focus on the correct use of medicine. The Dutch language has therefore always been one of my interests.



During college I started with entrepreneurship within pharmacy and internet-related ideas. This is why I was involved when developing, and later on started a business in medical internet. 
To connect online applications with systems of the physician or the pharmacy triggers me, to help the patient being in the lead. 
Pharmi represents the interface between pharmacy and internet: ‘blended care’. Digital care when available and human care when necessary.