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Changing the pharmaceutical care model to hybrid care can be a challenge.


  1. Technology: It takes time and energy to bring new technology into the pharmacy. It can also be challenging to learn how these new systems work.
  2. Different way of working: Pharmacy teams will change the way they work. This takes effort.
  3. Governance: Regulation of online care is not yet always clear.
  4. Education: Pharmacists and their team will learn new things. This takes time and money.
  5. Patients: Not every patient wants online care. It is a challenge to find a good balance between online and human care.

At Pharmi we understand these issues.

Click here to read more about Pharmaceutical Care in Digital Revolution (second edition 2023).

The book that we wrote together with FIP (World Pharmacy Association).


Pharmaceutical CARE in Digital Revolution


Digitally supported: with the Pharmacy Information System

Digitally enhanced: having your own pharmacy patient app

Platform based: integrating your system with other systems

Business Ecosystem: transforming your way of working

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