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When building the MedsWise platform, we focussed on scalability, interoperability and sustainability. Therefore, we work for example with standard codes of unique medication identifiers, ATC coding, Snomed and we are preparing for HL7.

The platform connects seamlessly with existing pharmacy ICT systems and with patient apps which you are already facilitating. We are interoperable with Pharmacy Information Systems, Electronic Patient Dossiers, Care Network Organisations, Chain Shells, etc.

Connecting the modules is at the moment easy via API and Webview integrations.*

Click here to request a meeting about the connectivity options in your pharmacy or to get access to our public API.

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* APIs are like interpreters that let systems talk to each other. They facilitate for the MedsWise platform to 'talk' to your pharmacy's ICT system, or the patient app you already provide. This allows data to be exchanged easily and securely between these systems.

Webviews are like little internet windows within the app you're already using. With webviews we can show parts of the MedsWise platform directly in your existing pharmacy app.

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