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"Hello, I am Pharmi, the digital pharmacist.”

Pharmi de digitale apotheek

Improvement is needed

Did you know that more than 30% of patients do not understand the explanation about their medicines properly? This leads to incorrect medication use and much frustration and discomfort. Partially because of this reasons, ten thousands of Dutch medication users are avoidably admitted in hospital every year. That is not acceptable, definitely not in a period of explosive rising healthcare costs and a Covid pandemic. This is a serious social problem. 
Therefore, my inventors think it should be improved.

We all benefit from the Pharmi platform

Pharmi develops for all medication users and is independent from any pharmacy concept. This provides to patients more comprehensible information about their medicines interactively via their phone or tablet. Convenient and reliable, in the form of text, animations and video. With a medication alarm and interactive function with the own pharmacy. Currently, Pharmi is available for a large number of medicines, for a group of medication users which is growing daily. They rate Pharmi with an average of 8 and 97% recommends her to others. Do you want to know how the Pharmi patient app works? 
Watch the video here.

Van Pharmi worden we allemaal beter

Benefits for patients

  • Master your medicine

  • Always interact with your pharmacy

  • When and wherever it suits you
Overview of how you are feeling
Also useful for caregivers


Benefits for pharmacists

  • Always digitally in contact with your patient
  • Remote care duty guaranteed

  • More efficiency in the pharmacy process

  • Enhanced care with patient care dashboard

  • Supportive of quality excellence


Het Dashboard

The Care-dashboard

Pharmi provides pharmacists with information about the well-being of the patient via a clear Care-dashboard. One can monitor an individual patient. You can also analyze population data from a group of patients or a specific drug. These overviews of remote care can be used, for example, in quality management, certification procedures or negotiations with health payers. As a pharmacist, you can interact easily with your patient, you can improve your care in a targeted way and you also have an insightful reporting tool.

Send me the whitepaper on the Pharmi Care-dashboard


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