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The pharmaceutical care challenge

Patients have questions about their medicines.
But don't get an answer, because it's too busy. And privacy is compromised.

The phone rings continuously. After all, medicines which are delivered at home, also raise questions.
The staffing level is too low, to spend sufficient time per patient.

Building a reliable, real-time digital patient support platform is complex.

And so, due to limited and non-effective communication, patients make mistakes in the use of medicines.

And annually, thousands of people end up unnecessary in hospitals.

What MedicijnWijs / MedsWise offers you.

Our Solution

MedicijnWijs (international name MedsWise) offers active digital medication care.

Stand-alone or connected into your own pharmacy application.


Basic interactive digital care after every first prescription.

And intensive digital care,

once the medicine or disease requires extensive explanation and guidance.

With our CareDashboard, you can remotely monitor your population and/or individuals &

data-driven optimize your digital care provision.


This way you - as a pharmaceutical care team - has more time for care,

where real human contact is needed.

And thus, every drug user knows how to use their medication adequately.


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