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MedsWise: More time for human pharmaceutical care

Hybrid care from your pharmacy

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Clear and efficient digital medication guidance

The NL government wants about 50% of people in need of healthcare to use hybrid care by 2025.

MedsWise enables hybrid care in pharmacies. You can guide and inform your patients remotely for all medicines. Thus, you have time freed up for the human care which remains needed. This results in more satisfied drug users, fewer errors and better treatment.

MedsWise BASE is our most used module, which allows for successfull hybrid (first) prescription guidance.

The platform is interoperable with your own pharmacy app, to your trusted pharmacy information system and is also available stand-alone. Stimulated by healthcare insurers, used by a fast increasing happy group of pharmacies and recommended by thousands of patients.

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Your prescription medication digital guided

Full-fledged digital care, integrated in your pharmacy application and in NL financially stimulated by health insurers.

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Your care for rational drug use

Care optimization modules, aimed at rational use of medicines, such as demedicalization or therapy adherence optimization.

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Your patient wellbeing measured and transparent

Optimal insight by data analysis into the well-being of your patients.

Transparant, measurable and crucial for further personalisation of your care pathways.

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