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Insufficient time for adequate medication consulting

Patients deserve information about new and used medicines.

However, the pharmacy is busy, there is little privacy and staffing levels are under pressure.

The telephone rings constantly: after all, medicines that are delivered, also raise questions.
 Thus, there is often insufficient time per patient to adequately explain the medication.

As a result, your patient does not sufficiently understand, how to use the medicine properly at home.

Which leads to unnecessarily prolonged medication use and millions of preventable hospitalizations per year.

Our healthcare systems can no longer handle that.

What MedicijnWijs / MedsWise offers you.

Our Solution

MedicijnWijs / MedsWise offers interactive digital medication care modules.

Thus, every pharmacist can offer blended care:

digital care where possible, human care where necessary.

Connected in your pharmacy application or stand-alone.

Interactive digital explanation, after each first medication dispensed.

And intensive digital care,

once the medicine or disease requires a lot of explanation and guidance.


With the CareDashboard you can monitor your patients remotely

& in a data-driven way improve your remote guidance.

Thus, you - as a pharmaceutical care team - are offered more time for care,

once the real human contact is needed.


And every medicine user is cared for in an individualized way.

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