master your medicine

top-10 national STZ-innovation award 2019

  • understandable, digital pharmaceutical information
  • structured & dosed
  • trusted & independent
  • state-of-the-art & multimedia


why pharmi?

most questions on your medication occur in first weeks of use

from different care providers you may get different information in various channels, but where to find it, when you really need it?

and the info you can find yourself, can you trust it?

pharmi combines all these different channels, curates information and provides a 2-weekly coachings platform in understandable language on your mobile application

thus, you will have your pharmacist in your pocket, 24/7 a day


facilitates self-management

optimizes treatment-outcomes

reduces medication waste

hammock healthcare

discuss with your pharmacy whether you can get pharmi as well


pharmi pathways:

digital pharmaceutical pathways that can be integrated in own platform

pharmi powered by Patient Journey App:

shelf-ready Pharmi tool, to be distributed by local pharmacist

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